What are the advantages of buying frozen food on-line?

In the beginning man picked his own food; then he killed his own food; lastly, he learnt to grow his own food. Today some of us have fruit trees, some fish and many of us are avid growers of our own fruit and vegetables. But not all of us. The vast majority rely on others to have picked and packed, to have slaughtered cleaned, gutted and butchered in order for us to cook with the minimum of inconvenience and in the shortest possible time. What this means for us as individuals is that we have not personally chosen the ripest plum on the tree, we have not judged when the potatoes can be pulled, nor selected the plumpest pig. Those decisions we abrogate to a retailer, and we trust that our patronage is rewarded by them providing the best for us. Do you really believe that? Do you honestly think that grocery retailers who are able to measure their profits in billions put you first?

Short of arming yourself with a bow and arrow and spending much of your time tending an allottment (neither of which guarantees anything but disappointment) the real answer is to deal with experts - real butchers, real bakers, real greengrocers; those people who are in business because they love what they do and are knowledgeable about what they do. That is the key to the success of Super Chef. We choose the best from these experts. Nothing that we offer will be found in a supermarket. Not only is it far too good for them, they will not make the massive profits they need to sustain their operations. Not only that, Super Chef deliver to your door ready for you to put straight into your freezer. We understand that trust plays a key part. But how many times have you picked up a pack in the supermarket and silently thought to yourself, 'It'll do'. We guarantee that you need never compromise again.