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In the beginning man picked his own food; then he killed his own food; lastly, he learnt to grow his own food. Today some of us have fruit trees, some fish and many of us are avid growers of our own fruit and vegetables. But not all of us. The vast majority rely on others to have picked and packed, to have slaughtered cleaned, gutted and butchered in order for us to cook with the minimum of inconvenience and in the shortest possible time. What this means for us as individuals is that we have not personally chosen the ripest plum on the tree, we have not judged when the potatoes can be pulled, ..
There is no doubt that Crispy Duck is one of those magical dishes. Any Chinese waiter worth his salt will have learnt the art of shredding a duck at table, using only two forks. Without wishing to take away anything from the spectacle, it's not difficult if the duck has been prepared and cooked properly. Preparation usually means hanging the duck to dry it completely, coating with a marinade that includes colouring, and then cooking it to the point where it is dry enough to shred easily. If you have the time then you will be able to achieve similar results.But what if you do not have the time?..
The answer to the question is "yes", the Super Chef Sausages are Gluten Free. They are made with rice rather than breadcrumb. There is more to it than that, because there is not any difference in the taste or flavour. In fact our Sausages are exceptionally good and certainly qualify as a Gourmet Food Product which can be delivered to your door. Many butchers make sausages using the scraps from the day's butchering and, therefore, there is not any consistency in the taste and flavour. Super Chef Sausages are made specifically from the shoulder of pigs and are, fully, retraceable. So, ..
At Super Chef, we are frequently asked by our customers "what products can I use to barbecue?" We have, in fact, a great range of food for special occasions such as barbecues and these gourmet products can be delivered to your door. Fish is probably not the first thing one thinks of for a barbecue but plain fish can be successfully grilled outdoors with the minimum of effort. A good couple of fish to start with are Swordfish Steaks or Tuna Loins,as both are very meaty. Tuna especially, is ideal for the barbecue as it is best lightly cooked leaving the middle a raw pink. Ove..