Where can I buy the perfect Breaded Scampi online?

The universal appeal of breaded Scampi really began when the post-war baby boomers started to bring home their first pay packets. Eating out was not a particularly British thing but the 70's and 80's witnessed an unstoppable surge in wining and dining. The era that brought pate and toast, Prawn Cocktail, Chicken Kiev and Black Forest Gateau into wide recognition is also responsible for introducing scampi to an eager public;bistros offered something new and exotic in Scampi Provencale, whilst Breaded Scampi took on a life of its own.

The sheer success of breaded scampi brought new problems - how to meet demand. There was even a time back in the late seventies when a little known and extremely ugly fish - Monkfish - was cut into goujons and breaded, and was referred to as 'poor man's scampi'. Increasing amounts of rusk and added water were used to eke out the Langoustine (scampi) and could still be sold as scampi. The industry needed a clear cut classification and this is now the case. However as there is no agreement on the definition of 'scampi', there is a lot left to be desired. A product that is 34% 'scampi' with the bulk made up of added water and rusk is still tecnically scampi.

Thankfully there is a superior scampi available. Made from single British langoustine with an excellent oven-cook breadcrumb, the Breaded Scampi we have found for the Superchef range is head and shoulders above all others. No chopped pieces, no mechanically recovered minced bits, no added water, no rusk - just the full flavour of true Scampi. Super Chef will even deliver direct to your door. We guarantee that if you are a fan of scampi, this is your reward. 

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