Buying Beef Online

In the constant fight between the supermarkets no one area is immune from the pressure to offer the lowest prices. Whilst tinned goods and toilet rolls will remain the same regardless, fresh meat is altogether different. Properly reared, expertly treated meat will never be cheap, but few of us, especially those with families are able to choose the best for every meal. That is why special offers on fresh beef can seem so attractive. And most supermarkets will put little stickers on - 'suitable for home freezing' - just to be sure that you buy as much as possible. However that sticker announces ..
If you were to ask an Italian how to make Lasagne then you are likely to be told, and correctly, how to make pasta. After all, lasagne are a form of pasta which we commonly know from their use in the dish Lasagne al Forno. The answer to the question how do I make lasagne al forno will gain ten different answers from ten regular makers of the dish. For example, should the lasagne sheets be pre-cooked, does the white (Bechamel) sauce contain cheese, what constitutes an authentic Ragu (meat sauce)? Most recipes agree on one point: the lasagne is built up with a layer of pasta as the base, ragu..
As someone who collects cookery books it is surprising how few contain a recipe for Beef Wellington. Starting with Mrs Beeton and including Delia Smith’s Complete Illustrated Cookery Course I drew a blank. Part of the reason is probably because it is an easy recipe to follow, and an even easier one to get totally wrong. The key is the quality of the ingredients, and when that list includes over a kilogram of fillet of beef, Beef Wellington is not for the faint hearted, or a dish to practise on. The following recipe – which is typical – comes from a book published in the mid-seventies entitled ..