What Gourmet foods are children's favourites?

When we visit our customers, they often wish to expand the range of products that they buy from us by adding some children's favourites to their purchase. Although they are enjoyed by young and old there are certain products that win approval every time. For example, our Cod Fingers which are large in size and weight (71gm each). These are pure Cod, coated in batter and nothing like the fish fingers that one can purchase in the shops. Those are made up with a mixture of cheaper white fish. Another fish product is our Breaded Haddock Bites which are literally bite-sized morsels of moist North Sea Haddock. Our Chicken Breaded Goujons are most popular because they are solid chicken breast meat and not minced like the more ubiquitous nugget! All three are oven cooked from frozen, which is ideal when hungry mouths need something fast. So, if your requirement is for every day consumption or perhaps food for special occasions such as a birthday party, here is your answer with the added advantage of having these gourmet products delivered to your door by Super Chef.

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