Why should I choose good food and wine?

Public health experts have questioned 6,000 people about their lifestyles and have come up with one conclusion that is great news for Superchef customers: those of us who eat well can afford that extra glass of wine with their meal. Apparently if we eat good food there is much less chance of us suffering from obesity, and as fewer of us are smokers the risks are much, much lower. This is the sort of thing that common sense would tell you, but it is good to have it officially recognised. So, if we start to recommend the ideal wine for some of our dishes it is not because we are condoning drinking, we are simply helping you to enjoy yourself - and officially. 

With Super Chef gourmet food in your freezer there is no need to worry about your intake of 'fast' food. Nothing could be faster than taking it out and putting it straight into a warm oven. The difference is in the quality. Super Chef deliver gourmet food straight to your door. That's worth a toast!