What can I buy my parents for their anniversary?

We are going to make an assumption that we are talking about mature parents in order to answer this question. Generally speaking older people are not eaters of large amounts but they do appreciate gourmet food. Age confirms that quality wins out over quantity where food is concerned. A well-balanced present would be to provide a Starter, a Main Course and a Dessert.

One suggestion for a starter could be our Salad Prawns given that the portion quantity can easily be controlled. These are the most flavoursome Prawns that one can buy, and one of the few prawns that are still harvested by boat. If we were limited to only three suggestions for a main course, (which you are not, of course) these would be our Luxury Chicken Kiev and if garlic was out of the question then either Orchard Pork or Plaice Colbert. All are excellent products and easily cooked from frozen.

A dessert to finish their celebratory dinner in style could be, perhaps, our Orange and Lemon Sorbets or our Summer Puddings. The sorbets are whole fruit packed with intensive, naturally flavoured water ice, whilst the summer puddings are mini versions of the classic. Both are very simply defrosted at room temperature in a couple of hours.

So your present will enable your parents to enjoy great food, without much preparation, on several occasions by themselves or they could hold a dinner party with their friends.

Anyone can order Super Chef Gourmet Food Products and have them delivered to the door of their friends or family anywhere on the UK mainland overnight.

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