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In the beginning man picked his own food; then he killed his own food; lastly, he learnt to grow his own food. Today some of us have fruit trees, some fish and many of us are avid growers of our own fruit and vegetables. But not all of us. The vast majority rely on others to have picked and packed, to have slaughtered cleaned, gutted and butchered in order for us to cook with the minimum of inconvenience and in the shortest possible time. What this means for us as individuals is that we have not personally chosen the ripest plum on the tree, we have not judged when the potatoes can be pulled, ..
When we visit our customers, they often wish to expand the range of products that they buy from us by adding some children's favourites to their purchase. Although they are enjoyed by young and old there are certain products that win approval every time. For example, our Cod Fingers which are large in size and weight (71gm each). These are pure Cod, coated in batter and nothing like the fish fingers that one can purchase in the shops. Those are made up with a mixture of cheaper white fish. Another fish product is our Breaded Haddock Bites which are literally bite-..
Eating out at a restaurant could be likened to an iceberg. The meal itself is the visible 10%. The other 90% is what has occurred before and begins with having a reason to eat out (birthday, anniversary etc), choosing the venue, getting ready, organising babysitters where needed and finding your way there. All too often there is a feeling of anti-climax afterwards. Was it worth the effort? The reason in so many cases is that you have invested so much emotion into the whole endeavour, whilst for a restaurant to remain successful, it must never stray from being a business. Whilst the best restau..
 The word "Connoisseur" conjures a certain magic in one's mind. It gives one the impression of a person who is definitley not in one's normal league. He, or she, has an air about them that somehow attracts attention and to a certain extent, admiration. But when we come down to earth we realise that a connoisseur may be extremely intelligent but his field may be very narrow. For example, his subject may be red wine or, fortunately for Super Chef, it may be food. Certainly, these two subjects attract most connoisseurs and we regularly read of their in..
Super Chef has a great range of entertainment food. If you are considering a drinks party, then look at our Woodland Quiches or Chicago Appetisers. These only take a few minutes in your oven and offer a good variety of nibbles. You might also consider out Breaded Haddock Bites. Serve these from your oven when the breadcrumb is crispy and offer them with a cocktail stick and some tartare sauce. If you are holding a dinner party the Super Chef Menu has everything that you will need from starters, main courses to desserts. A classic dinner party  menu would be Coquilles St Jacques, B..
If you are of a certain age then fishcakes are one of the ultimate comfort foods. That mixture of flaked fish, fluffy potato and parsley - so simple and yet so satisfying. Of course if you are more than a certain age then rationing will have rendered fishcakes (whale meat, dried potato etc) something else entirely. Stick with us though, - a new dawn is upon us. Nowadays the humble fishcake is anything but humble. That combination of fish and potato works so well together that they will happily take on other ingredients that produce stunning combinations.For example, we at Superchef offer th..
Many people still have a certain reservation when buying frozen food. Fortunately, this attitude is changing quickly. Freezing is the most natural way to preserve food. The more modern technique of blast freezing (flash freezing), which freezes product to the core in a matter of seconds, preserves the flavour completely and gives a much longer shelf life. All the nutrients and vitamins are locked in and the bacteria are locked out. The quicker from harvesting or catching a poduct to the time of freezing, the less degration of the product and  the better the ..