I asked for Sea bass and I've been given Barramundi. Is that right?

First of all let us be clear about Sea Bass; there are two distinct fish that are commonly known as Sea Bass. The first is the European variety, which is currently the focus of worries about depleted stocks. These are native to the North Sea and similar waters and an excellent food fish. The other Sea Bass is the Asian variety, common to such waters as the Indian Ocean but now increasingly farmed to ensure rigorous quality standards are maintained. This fish, is the Asian Sea Bass or as it is more widely known, Barramundi. The reason for the name is not clear cut but appears to have been a marketing decision back in the 80's. It causes confusion. Barramundi is an Aborigine word meaning 'large scaled river fish' and already applies to a generic Australian fish prized by fishing sportsmen. They are not related. Asian Sea Bass or Barramundi is the classic base of fish dishes throughout the Far East and here in Britain is a serious contender for the best fish for entertaining and special occasions. It is a firm fish with a superb flavour, and takes to other flavours, especially spices and curry marinades really well. For example in Thai cuisine Sea Bass is teamed with lime, garlic and lemon grass. Another aspect of its popularity is the lack of pin bones in the fillets. The enjoyment of eating fish with the absence of worry over bones is not lost on many.

The Sea Bass (Barramundi) in the Super Chef range is from Vietnam, one of only two countries to receive quality awards (the other is the USA). Whether you are a fish lover or have a special occasion planned, we guarantee that our Barramundi will perform with style. And with Super Chef delivering to your door there has never been a better opportunity to give Barramundi a try.  

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