Frozen Shellfish

There is something about a crab salad or a crab sandwich oozing with mayonnaise on fresh pungent wholemeal bread that says Summer. Or more importantly - warm Summer seas. Whereas in the past a great deal of crab was bought from the stalls at popular resorts, thanks to the advances in freezing we can enjoy crab all year round. Superchef crabs are provided by a small family concern based in East Runton, next door to Cromer. They are ready dressed (the crabs not the family) by expert ladies based in the village who have a lifetime's experience of the art. We chose Cromer crabs for one simple..
When we read of cannibals eating the hearts and brains of their victims in order to improve their own, we smile at the idiocy of such a notion. And yet this is the exact principle that some people believe - even some unenlightened doctors - must be true of prawns. Prawns are recognised as being high in cholesterol; the thinking goes that if a person has high cholesterol already then it is advisable to avoid them. This is utter nonsense. Cholesterol is not transferable. In fact the Super Chef salad prawn, for example, has only 0.7 grams of fat per 100 grams, and of that only 0.1 is saturat..
Very few people dislike prawns. From the height of luxury in the mid-twentieth century, the taste of prawns still feels up-market, something that does their popularity no harm. What this means is that world  wide the demand for prawns has rocketed but that demand has had to be met without the price spiralling out of sight. Well, prawns are more popular than ever, so that seems to have been achieved. Maybe it’s time to ask how. Unlike recognised farm animals and poultry, prawns do not enjoy a rigorous protection scheme so in parts of Asia prawns are literally a cottage industry. Many fa..