What gourmet chicken dishes do you recommend?

It's strange to think that after the second world war, and in fact up to the sixties, chicken was regarded by many families as a rare treat. Nowadays chicken not only has its own dining chains such as Nandos and Kentucky, but can be found in nugget form and every permutation from there. So if you are serving chicken to impress where do you start? The first thing it goes without saying is the quality of the chicken itself; there is no substitute for the depth of flavour that free-range chicken provides. Second, matching chicken to complementary flavours helps, but given how chicken works well with so many different things, that is hard to get wrong. However some just seem to work better. At Super Chef we spent time working with different combinations until we were happy that we had three that really could be termed gourmet. Our Olde English Chicken takes a free-range chicken supreme gives it a pocket of Stilton cheese, and wraps it in English smoked bacon. Festival chicken has a pocket of pork and dried apricot and is wrapped in unsmoked English bacon, whilst the Braemar has a pocket of Haggis and again is wrapped in unsmoked bacon. All three are perfect for entertaining or provide a dinner with that little bit extra. You can have them delivered to your door by Super Chef so if you are looking for Gourmet recipe ideas involving free-range Norfolk chicken, the answer could lie in your freezer.  

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