Why should I buy beef ready frozen?

In the constant fight between the supermarkets no one area is immune from the pressure to offer the lowest prices. Whilst tinned goods and toilet rolls will remain the same regardless, fresh meat is altogether different. Properly reared, expertly treated meat will never be cheap, but few of us, especially those with families are able to choose the best for every meal. That is why special offers on fresh beef can seem so attractive. And most supermarkets will put little stickers on - 'suitable for home freezing' - just to be sure that you buy as much as possible. However that sticker announces the worst advice ever given to a consumer. Fresh beef is not suitable for home freezing. Why? Because domestic freezers are designed to accept ready frozen items and ensure that they remain frozen.They are not designed to freeze per se. Beef should always be blast frozen - a technique of rapid freezing that protects the integrity of the meat. If you place fresh beef in a home freezer it freezes gradually. As it gets colder the fluid in the meat expands, and as it expands it ruptures the corpuscles of the meat.The result is that when you defrost it some time later you end up with a giant pool of 'water'. Apply heat and the meat contracts leaving you with a much tougher end product than you expected.

Buying beef ready frozen takes away these problems, and if the beef is the best to begin with, you can be confident of serving it it your family, your friends and your guests. At Super Chef we use only British beef that has been properly hung and frozen correctly. As we deliver to your door it's not a tough decision - unlike home-frozen beef.

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