Re-freezing - what are the risks?

The Nanny state can look to many small victories that keep us all quivering wrecks, but one of the best is the fear of re-freezing. For the vast majority of us, if something has defrosted then it must be used immediately or binned. This fear actually stops some people buying frozed food. The problem is that there is no specified account of the perils that await anyone reckless enough to re-freeze. It is a complicated answer - but - in the vast majority of cases it is less dangerous than eating chicken.

The reason, the only reason for not refreezing (from a health point of view) is the possible increase of bacteria. Any expert in the field of bacteria will tell you, bacteria can survive in the most extreme of temperatures, so bringing something out of its frozen state will encourage the bacteria to speed up their activities. However, if the product is then cooked thoroughly the problem is overcome. The only way to approach re-freezing is with common sense. Incidentally, have you ever bought a leg of lamb because it is on offer and put it in the freezer for your next big family lunch? Don't kid yourself; in most cases you are re-freezing. How about only buying fish in the supermarket because it is 'fresh'. In many cases it has been thawed out for that day. So if your 'fresh' fish goes in the freezer then once again you are re-freezing albeit without realising. Common sense will tell you that if a product has totally thawed and is sitting in a pool of water, then cooking or binning is probably a good policy. And if the product is not for cooking e.g. Salad Prawns then yes play safe and discard. If the product is vacuum-packed - re-freeze.

As a specialist supplier of frozen gourmet food that we deliver to your door we want you to enjoy frozen food. It is the number one method of preserving food. In fact, there is probably less risk to health with frozen food than there is with fresh, thanks to stringent health and safety standards. So, make sure that the freezer is switched on, settle back and choose some of Super Chef's finest gourmet food. We will deliver it to your door as fresh as the day it was frozen.