What can we eat that makes losing weight enjoyable?

Most of us from time to time try to lose a bit of weight but if we do not enjoy doing so then it is something that will be put off indefinitely. We have many products that fit the requirement such as our excellent range of plain fish. We have such a good variety that includes Cod Fillets, Swordfish Steaks, Lemon Soles, Tuna Loins, the list goes on. So, two fish meals per week will fit the bill without become boring. Chicken is always viewed as a good choice for dieters and our poultry range includes flattened (butterflied) chicken breasts with a variety of marinades - garlic butter, tikka, honey glaze or lemon and pepper. If you enjoy preparing your own recipes then might we suggest using our plain barbary duck breasts. Although Duck has a reputation of being 'fatty', these modern birds are bred much leaner. Alternatively, our Norfolk chicken breast fillets or mini fillets of inner breast meat are ideal for everything from stir fries to lean casseroles. The great stand by is Steak and salad especially during the summer and you can choose from Fillet steak, Sirloins or Rib Eyes. If you pick the rib-eyes then you are not totally committed to dieting!

As you see Super Chef have a good variety of gourmet foods which can be delivered to your door and used as entertainment food for special occasions which will keep you and your guests trim and slim!