I have coeliac disease. Can I enjoy gourmet food?

If you know that you have coeliac disease then you are one of less than a quarter of people who suffer but do not know it. Probably half a million people in the UK have coeliac disease and are not aware. Some may believe that they are gluten intolerant, but it is far more severe than that. For the uninitiated coeliac disease is where the body reacts to gluten, commonly found in wheat, barley and rye - and also some oats - and is a lifelong problem. The only remedy is to cut out gluten from the diet and it is when you look at the composition of so many prepared dishes that you realise how prevalent gluten is. At Super Chef we try to offer a number of gourmet products that we are confident that sufferers will be able to enjoy. Even our sausages, which some might feel are not gourmet food (we beg to differ), are not only made with fully traceable pork but are themselves gluten-free. Dishes such as Orchard pork and our Butterflied Marinated Chiken breasts can be eaten with confidence and on the fish front products like Plaice Colbert are not only ideal if you are entertaining but meet the gluten free demands. We are always happy to advise on individual items before we deliver them to your door. Coeliac disease is unfair in that one seems to spend all one's time telling people what you cannot eat. If we can help the fight back then we are all for it. 

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