Where can I find Cromer crabs online?

There is something about a crab salad or a crab sandwich oozing with mayonnaise on fresh pungent wholemeal bread that says Summer. Or more importantly - warm Summer seas. Whereas in the past a great deal of crab was bought from the stalls at popular resorts, thanks to the advances in freezing we can enjoy crab all year round. Superchef crabs are provided by a small family concern based in East Runton, next door to Cromer. They are ready dressed (the crabs not the family) by expert ladies based in the village who have a lifetime's experience of the art. We chose Cromer crabs for one simple reason: most experts regard Cromer crabs as some of the finest from around our shores. The reason is quite simple and really quite surprising. One of the major factors in choosing crab is the relative weight. Read any book on selecting shellfish and weight to size is always mentioned. For the crab, this is affected by the depth of water in which they are found. Like a submarine, they need air for buoyancy, the deeper the water the more air required. Naturally this pocket of air has to have a home and that home is within the body shell. So a crab operating in deeper waters might be heavy, but not with the right stuff. The waters off the Cromer coast are relatively shallow. Cromer crabs therefore fulfill the most important criteria - you are getting crab, not buying air.

Whether you like to indulge on your own, or choose crab when you are entertaining, nothing can sum up British summertime better. Super Chef will deliver Cromer crabs to your door so you can leave the buckets and spades for another time. 

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