Where can I find Crispy Duck for my freezer?

There is no doubt that Crispy Duck is one of those magical dishes. Any Chinese waiter worth his salt will have learnt the art of shredding a duck at table, using only two forks. Without wishing to take away anything from the spectacle, it's not difficult if the duck has been prepared and cooked properly. Preparation usually means hanging the duck to dry it completely, coating with a marinade that includes colouring, and then cooking it to the point where it is dry enough to shred easily. If you have the time then you will be able to achieve similar results.But what if you do not have the time? Or what if you really fancy some Duck that evening? At Super Chef we have Crispy Duck available with all the preparation taken care of. It is also boned and ready cooked. All you have to do is make sure that it is piping hot and then place it under the grill for a minute to crisp up. Oh, and practise with the two forks.

Whether it is a personal favourite, a family choice, or the centre piece of a Chinese gourmet supper Superchef will deliver Crispy Duck to your door, ready to go into the freezer for the next time you need to show off those skills with the forks.

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