At Super Chef, we are frequently asked by our customers "what products can I use to barbecue?" We have, in fact, a great range of food for special occasions such as barbecues and these gourmet products can be delivered to your door. Fish is probably not the first thing one thinks of for a barbecue but plain fish can be successfully grilled outdoors with the minimum of effort. A good couple of fish to start with are Swordfish Steaks or Tuna Loins,as both are very meaty. Tuna especially, is ideal for the barbecue as it is best lightly cooked leaving the middle a raw pink. Ove..
At Super Chef we have a number of products in breadcrumbs and one or two in batter. In every case they are presented ready for oven cooking. What this means is that the crumb or batter has been correctly pre-cooked so that it retains a little oil or fat , essential for perfect cooking and flavour. Why bother you may ask. And the answer is twofold: health and taste. To take taste first; if you put a plain old breadcrumb in the oven you are likely to end up with something resembling a biscuit, or worse just a mush. This is because there is no cooking 'agent' that will both seal and cook. From a ..
At Super Chef we have products that have been popular in every one of our 17 years trading. Salad Prawns and Salmon Supremes fall into that category, but that is because their quality is incomparable. The number one prepared product is our Salmon & Broccoli shanty. Chunks of salmon and florets of broccoli are bound together with dill sauce and presented in a shanty of oven-cook breadcrumbs.Each shanty weighs in at 185 grams so they are also a substantial size. They are loved for a number of reasons - the combination of salmon and broccoli is an inspired one, they are the perfect size for a..
Eating out at a restaurant could be likened to an iceberg. The meal itself is the visible 10%. The other 90% is what has occurred before and begins with having a reason to eat out (birthday, anniversary etc), choosing the venue, getting ready, organising babysitters where needed and finding your way there. All too often there is a feeling of anti-climax afterwards. Was it worth the effort? The reason in so many cases is that you have invested so much emotion into the whole endeavour, whilst for a restaurant to remain successful, it must never stray from being a business. Whilst the best restau..
Public health experts have questioned 6,000 people about their lifestyles and have come up with one conclusion that is great news for Superchef customers: those of us who eat well can afford that extra glass of wine with their meal. Apparently if we eat good food there is much less chance of us suffering from obesity, and as fewer of us are smokers the risks are much, much lower. This is the sort of thing that common sense would tell you, but it is good to have it officially recognised. So, if we start to recommend the ideal wine for some of our dishes it is not because we are condoning drinki..
 The word "Connoisseur" conjures a certain magic in one's mind. It gives one the impression of a person who is definitley not in one's normal league. He, or she, has an air about them that somehow attracts attention and to a certain extent, admiration. But when we come down to earth we realise that a connoisseur may be extremely intelligent but his field may be very narrow. For example, his subject may be red wine or, fortunately for Super Chef, it may be food. Certainly, these two subjects attract most connoisseurs and we regularly read of their in..
Nothing in the food world has changed quite so much as the common perception of vegetarians. It wasn't that long ago that they were viewed as sandal wearing tree-huggers that should be pitied. Because of that vegetarians looking for ready made meals were invariably disappointed. It is no wonder that so many vegetarians are good cooks - they had no choice. Fast forward to today and things are totally different. Vegetarianism is not only accepted, for many others it is something they aspire to if it didn't mean giving up steak and the occasional bacon sandwich. At Super Chef we try to provide..
Every cuisine is someone's favourite and that is not always because of local experience. For example, in Britain our number one ethnic dish is Chicken Tikka Masala and the majority of its fans have never been to India (something they have in common with Chicken Tikka Masala). For many families a regular dish is Spaghetti Bolgnese, and although everyone makes a slightly different version, the combination of sauce and pasta is definitely Italian in origin. Nowadays many have travelled to Italy and probably have fond memories of wonderful meals on warm Summer evenings. At Superchef we have som..
We live in a world that is rapidly becoming more conscious of dying species and there is increasing interest in the preservation of wildlife in gereral terms, whether it be the Elephant or Lion in Africa, the Tiger in India or Cod or Haddock in The North Sea. We, at Super Chef, are very supportive of any initiative that will prolong the existence of our wonderful animals and fishes. We will only deal with companies that have been accredited with "sustainabilty". For example our cod, haddock and plaice fillets are only purchased from approved suppiers. Exactly the same principle..
Super Chef has a great range of entertainment food. If you are considering a drinks party, then look at our Woodland Quiches or Chicago Appetisers. These only take a few minutes in your oven and offer a good variety of nibbles. You might also consider out Breaded Haddock Bites. Serve these from your oven when the breadcrumb is crispy and offer them with a cocktail stick and some tartare sauce. If you are holding a dinner party the Super Chef Menu has everything that you will need from starters, main courses to desserts. A classic dinner party  menu would be Coquilles St Jacques, B..
If you are of a certain age then fishcakes are one of the ultimate comfort foods. That mixture of flaked fish, fluffy potato and parsley - so simple and yet so satisfying. Of course if you are more than a certain age then rationing will have rendered fishcakes (whale meat, dried potato etc) something else entirely. Stick with us though, - a new dawn is upon us. Nowadays the humble fishcake is anything but humble. That combination of fish and potato works so well together that they will happily take on other ingredients that produce stunning combinations.For example, we at Superchef offer th..
Many people still have a certain reservation when buying frozen food. Fortunately, this attitude is changing quickly. Freezing is the most natural way to preserve food. The more modern technique of blast freezing (flash freezing), which freezes product to the core in a matter of seconds, preserves the flavour completely and gives a much longer shelf life. All the nutrients and vitamins are locked in and the bacteria are locked out. The quicker from harvesting or catching a poduct to the time of freezing, the less degration of the product and  the better the ..
We all remember the lovely fishcakes that we had years ago. They were filled with Cod and lots of Mashed Potato, fried in deep fat and were extremely tasty! Well, times have moved on. At Super Chef, we have a most exquisite range of superb fish cakes which very sophiticated in comparison to the potato based items of years ago.  Now we have the following gourmet food products such as Salmon Shanties which are made from pieces of Scottish salmon and broccoli florets bound with dill sauce in a crispy breadcrumb. We have another called Salmon Fish Cake which is ma..
When our distributors show any of our gourmet food products to a potential customer, one of the first questions is "can I cook it from frozen?" The answer, generally speaking is "yes". All the products on the Super Chef menu which are "dishes" such as Chicken Kiev, Beef Wellington or Salmon Shanties can be taken straight from your fridge and put in the oven. All products are supplied with cooking instructions which give the temperature at which the oven is to be pre-heated and the length of time to complete the cooking. Basic products such as Beef Steaks, Minted Lamb Steak..
In the days when most High Streets had a fishmongers, that familiar aroma, exclusive to them was led by the almost tarry tang of the Smoked Haddock. With its bright yellow coat it stood apart from the other predominantly white fish, vying for attention with the kippers. Times change; fishmongers are now a rarity, and smoked haddock can now be found without the yellow dye and is a much better product without it. Although the art of traditional smoking has not changed, the demands of supermarkets have changed the ways in which it is produced, and like the frog in water being heated, for most ..