We live in the age of personal worry. Whilst previous generations have had war or the threat of nuclear armageddon to contend with we now live in an age which could be termed egoistic. Diet and exercise are the twin engines that drive us all forward, and the worry is that we must be seen to be doing the right thing. The problem is the sheer volume of advice; new superfoods are found and lauded, others denounced, and all from media that seem to enjoy frightening without taking the time to present a more rounded picture. Why not look at it in a different way. The human is an omnivore - whatev..
Almost since the ending of food rationing in the 1950's, and the opening up of choice and variety in what we eat, we receive news of the damage that eating or drinking certain things will do to us on a weekly basis. There is a vast difference between items that have no nutritional value, and are bad - of which there are surprisingly few - and items which form part of the average family's normal diet. There are also a number of conflicting messages - butter,eggs, coffee, chocolate, red wine - are all examples of products which have been cited as problematic and also as products with positive at..
When we read of cannibals eating the hearts and brains of their victims in order to improve their own, we smile at the idiocy of such a notion. And yet this is the exact principle that some people believe - even some unenlightened doctors - must be true of prawns. Prawns are recognised as being high in cholesterol; the thinking goes that if a person has high cholesterol already then it is advisable to avoid them. This is utter nonsense. Cholesterol is not transferable. In fact the Super Chef salad prawn, for example, has only 0.7 grams of fat per 100 grams, and of that only 0.1 is saturat..
Given the number of poor quality products that go by the name Chicken Kiev, it is no wonder that you have decided to make your own. The recipes that you find will all follow a similar path; skinless chicken breasts in which you make a pocket with a sharp knife, softened butter whisked with crushed garlic cloves and parsley and then refrigerated. A piece of the hardened butter mixture is inserted in the pocket, which is then closed and the breast then dusted with flour, coated with beaten egg and covered in breadcrumbs. Put like that it's an easy dish to make so let's look at a couple of vital ..
Can I buy sustainable Cod online?
It comes as a surprise to many that only 5% of the supply of UK Atlantic Cod is caught in UK's coastal waters of the North Sea. The majority is being supplied from Russian, Norwegian and Icelandic waters of the North Atlantic. Due to the responsible management of fisheries in these waters coupled with favourable environmental conditions, food scientists in Russia, Norway and Iceland are reporting that Cod stocks in the Arctic waters of the North Atlantic are bigger than they have been for decades. The spawning biomass in Russia and Norway is the largest it has been since the secon..
How long have we British been lovers of fish in breadcrumbs? The vast majority of prepared fish from Fish & Chip shops is battered, so a good guess would be that covering covering fish in breadcrumbs probably evolved with the increasing popularity of frozen food. You might think so, but look at the following recipe:- An excellent way of dressing a large plaice, especially if there be roe. Sprinkle with salt, and keep for 24 hours; then wash and wipe it dry, wet all over with egg, cover with crumbs of bread; make some lard or dripping, and two large spoonfuls of vinegar boiling hot; l..
If you were to ask an Italian how to make Lasagne then you are likely to be told, and correctly, how to make pasta. After all, lasagne are a form of pasta which we commonly know from their use in the dish Lasagne al Forno. The answer to the question how do I make lasagne al forno will gain ten different answers from ten regular makers of the dish. For example, should the lasagne sheets be pre-cooked, does the white (Bechamel) sauce contain cheese, what constitutes an authentic Ragu (meat sauce)? Most recipes agree on one point: the lasagne is built up with a layer of pasta as the base, ragu..
As someone who collects cookery books it is surprising how few contain a recipe for Beef Wellington. Starting with Mrs Beeton and including Delia Smith’s Complete Illustrated Cookery Course I drew a blank. Part of the reason is probably because it is an easy recipe to follow, and an even easier one to get totally wrong. The key is the quality of the ingredients, and when that list includes over a kilogram of fillet of beef, Beef Wellington is not for the faint hearted, or a dish to practise on. The following recipe – which is typical – comes from a book published in the mid-seventies entitled ..
Very few people dislike prawns. From the height of luxury in the mid-twentieth century, the taste of prawns still feels up-market, something that does their popularity no harm. What this means is that world  wide the demand for prawns has rocketed but that demand has had to be met without the price spiralling out of sight. Well, prawns are more popular than ever, so that seems to have been achieved. Maybe it’s time to ask how. Unlike recognised farm animals and poultry, prawns do not enjoy a rigorous protection scheme so in parts of Asia prawns are literally a cottage industry. Many fa..