Chicken Breaded Goujons

Chicken Breaded Goujons

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Food Description

The world has moved on since chicken nuggets became a mealtime villain. The fact is that simple breadcrumbed chicken is a great combination. The answer is provided by Superchef, and it's a real gourmet treat. Strips of whole Chicken breast are coated in an oven-bake crumb, with no chopping, mincing or shaping - just whole chicken breast pieces. They have a lovely flavour and so many different uses. Children love them, but so do their grandparents. This is one of those simple but brilliant products that can prove a timesaver and problem solver time after time. Breaded Chicken Goujons have no skin, bone, or even dark meat. They are guaranteed pure Chicken breast. Ideal for a family meal, these goujons can add some tasty protein to a salad, and when you have guests round a few Goujons on cocktail sticks make excellent finger food. Did we say 'a few'? It's best to err on the side of caution and cook some extra. We know that they will all go.
What you get: 1.6 kg.


Chicken (64%), water, wheat flour, rapeseed oil, wheat starch, potato starch, E450 E500, albumen, yeast, salt, spice extract, emulsifier E472e. 

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