Festival Chicken

Festival Chicken

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Food Description

We take succulent chicken breasts and fill them with a delicious combination of pork and dried apricot. They are then wrapped in unsmoked back bacon. The combination of pork and apricots give the chicken a moist, subtly sweet flavour.

This is a delicious alternative to a Sunday roast and could even be something to serve up on Christmas day if turkey is too big an option, (and you do not want to be eating turkey based meals for a week).

The combination may appear 'different', but trust us, it works superbly. 

What you Get: 8 x Festival Chicken Breasts (250g each)


Skinless & boneless chicken breasts, unsmoked bacon, pork, dried apricot., water, rusk, salt, wheatflour, sodium triphosphate, flavour enhancer E621, spice extracts.

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