Lamb Steaks in a Mint Marinade

Lamb Steaks in a Mint Marinade

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Food Description

Our succulent, boneless leg steaks of new season English Lamb have been soaked in a fresh mint marinade and vacuum packed for freshness. It's not often that you see boneless steaks of Lamb, especially of this size and quality. Grill, fry or oven-bake, these are easy to cook, and are very popular.

What you Get: 8 x Minted Lamb Steaks (Approx 170g each)


Lamb, white sugar, sodium diacetate E2262, hydrolysed vegetable protein, flavour enhancer E621, starch (modified, unmodified), rusk herb, salt, tomato powder, malic acid E296, flavouring (natural, natural identical), spice extract, spice, colour E110, artificial sweetener (saccharin, aspartemine)

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