Pork Sausages Traditional (but Gluten-free)

Pork Sausages Traditional (but Gluten-free)

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Food Description

These jumbo sausages (approx. 100g each) are made especially for Super Chef by well -established experts in sausage making.

These hand made sausages are packed full of shoulder of pork, which is from fully traceable free range pigs and are finished in their natural skins.  

Next time you plan a BBQ, and your aim is to impress,make these a must - not only is their size impressive, they are a real mouth-filling taste of traditional English banger. Just remember that natural skin is best if it is allowed to be defrosted thoroughly - cooked from frozen it can split, especially with the fierce heat of a barbecue. But do not condemn these wonderful sausages to the BBQ only. They are excellent at any occasion.

Not only are these sausages deliciously meaty and tasty, they are also gluten-free. 

What you Get: 22 x Traditional, Hand Made, Gluten Free Pork Sausages (Approximately 100g each)


Pork 75%.: rice,water, spices, salt, natural casings, preservative: sodium sulphite

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