Vegetable Lasagne

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This is a vegetarian version of our substantial Lasane Superiore. Large chunks of pasta- made with Durum wheat, naturally - are filled with a mixture containing onions, aubergine, tomatoes, mushrooms and courgette. There's your five a day for a start! Finished with vegetarian cheese this lasagne is packed with flavour.

What you get: 8 x 315g.

Ingredients: Peppers, water, pasta, onion, aubergine, tomatoes, mushrooms, tomato paste, courgette, pomace olive oil, garlic, processed cheese, vegetable oil, milk proteins, potato starch, yeast flavouring, salt, sodium citrate, modified maize starch, vegetable stock, sun dried tomato paste, sugar, tomato puree, English mustard, basil, black pepper, Demerara suigar.

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