Frozen Plain Fish

It may seem strange to talk of 'cold' smoking and 'hot' smoking when smoke is the product of heat. However, the terms refer to the the end result on the fish itself. Basically fish that is hot smoked requires no further cooking and is ready to eat whilst cold smoked fish is still a raw product (the smoked salmon that is familiar to all is a hybrid as we will explain). The most popular hot smoked fish is Smoked Mackerel, a fish that seems to be perfect for smoking. Less well known but unbelievably good is Hot Smoked Salmon. Here the salmon is cooked during the smoking process, and the resu..
First of all let us be clear about Sea Bass; there are two distinct fish that are commonly known as Sea Bass. The first is the European variety, which is currently the focus of worries about depleted stocks. These are native to the North Sea and similar waters and an excellent food fish. The other Sea Bass is the Asian variety, common to such waters as the Indian Ocean but now increasingly farmed to ensure rigorous quality standards are maintained. This fish, is the Asian Sea Bass or as it is more widely known, Barramundi. The reason for the name is not clear cut but appears to have ..
Scampi is one of the best known and most popular dishes that are eaten outside of the home. Scampi - Langoustine or Dublin Bay Prawns to give it its other names - is familiar as a breaded seafood, which when it first gained popularityin the sixties would be presented with Tartare sauce - in those days an equally exotic item. Nowadays scampi is available everywhere, and like anything where demand exceeds supply there are recognised rules concerning the amount of additives such as rusk that may be added without losing the ability to call itself scampi. There is only one premium scampi and that i..
We live in a world that is rapidly becoming more conscious of dying species and there is increasing interest in the preservation of wildlife in gereral terms, whether it be the Elephant or Lion in Africa, the Tiger in India or Cod or Haddock in The North Sea. We, at Super Chef, are very supportive of any initiative that will prolong the existence of our wonderful animals and fishes. We will only deal with companies that have been accredited with "sustainabilty". For example our cod, haddock and plaice fillets are only purchased from approved suppiers. Exactly the same principle..
In the days when most High Streets had a fishmongers, that familiar aroma, exclusive to them was led by the almost tarry tang of the Smoked Haddock. With its bright yellow coat it stood apart from the other predominantly white fish, vying for attention with the kippers. Times change; fishmongers are now a rarity, and smoked haddock can now be found without the yellow dye and is a much better product without it. Although the art of traditional smoking has not changed, the demands of supermarkets have changed the ways in which it is produced, and like the frog in water being heated, for most ..
Can I buy sustainable Cod online?
It comes as a surprise to many that only 5% of the supply of UK Atlantic Cod is caught in UK's coastal waters of the North Sea. The majority is being supplied from Russian, Norwegian and Icelandic waters of the North Atlantic. Due to the responsible management of fisheries in these waters coupled with favourable environmental conditions, food scientists in Russia, Norway and Iceland are reporting that Cod stocks in the Arctic waters of the North Atlantic are bigger than they have been for decades. The spawning biomass in Russia and Norway is the largest it has been since the secon..