Frozen Prepared Fish Dishes

Scampi is one of the best known and most popular dishes that are eaten outside of the home. Scampi - Langoustine or Dublin Bay Prawns to give it its other names - is familiar as a breaded seafood, which when it first gained popularityin the sixties would be presented with Tartare sauce - in those days an equally exotic item. Nowadays scampi is available everywhere, and like anything where demand exceeds supply there are recognised rules concerning the amount of additives such as rusk that may be added without losing the ability to call itself scampi. There is only one premium scampi and that i..
At Super Chef we have a number of products in breadcrumbs and one or two in batter. In every case they are presented ready for oven cooking. What this means is that the crumb or batter has been correctly pre-cooked so that it retains a little oil or fat , essential for perfect cooking and flavour. Why bother you may ask. And the answer is twofold: health and taste. To take taste first; if you put a plain old breadcrumb in the oven you are likely to end up with something resembling a biscuit, or worse just a mush. This is because there is no cooking 'agent' that will both seal and cook. From a ..
At Super Chef we have products that have been popular in every one of our 17 years trading. Salad Prawns and Salmon Supremes fall into that category, but that is because their quality is incomparable. The number one prepared product is our Salmon & Broccoli shanty. Chunks of salmon and florets of broccoli are bound together with dill sauce and presented in a shanty of oven-cook breadcrumbs.Each shanty weighs in at 185 grams so they are also a substantial size. They are loved for a number of reasons - the combination of salmon and broccoli is an inspired one, they are the perfect size for a..
If you are of a certain age then fishcakes are one of the ultimate comfort foods. That mixture of flaked fish, fluffy potato and parsley - so simple and yet so satisfying. Of course if you are more than a certain age then rationing will have rendered fishcakes (whale meat, dried potato etc) something else entirely. Stick with us though, - a new dawn is upon us. Nowadays the humble fishcake is anything but humble. That combination of fish and potato works so well together that they will happily take on other ingredients that produce stunning combinations.For example, we at Superchef offer th..
How long have we British been lovers of fish in breadcrumbs? The vast majority of prepared fish from Fish & Chip shops is battered, so a good guess would be that covering covering fish in breadcrumbs probably evolved with the increasing popularity of frozen food. You might think so, but look at the following recipe:- An excellent way of dressing a large plaice, especially if there be roe. Sprinkle with salt, and keep for 24 hours; then wash and wipe it dry, wet all over with egg, cover with crumbs of bread; make some lard or dripping, and two large spoonfuls of vinegar boiling hot; l..